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NSFW – Gamers & Growlers – Ep. 3 – Billy Dee Williams Seduction

Star Wars is the name of the game as Justin and Bill discuss Edge of the Empire, Star Wars Battlefront, and Billy Dee Williams’ perpetual bedroom eyes while drinking Colt 45.

Please note this podcast is marked NSFW due to language and crude humor.


Seaside Scoundrels – S1E2 – On the Run Again

Seaside Scoundrels returns in Episode 2 as the gang faces the consequences of their previous heroism, and find themselves in over their head with both the mob and the police.

NSFW – Gamers & Growlers – Ep. 2 – Werewolves and Fallout

Justin and Bill return with a brand new (and extremely terrible) drink to “enjoy” as they talk about One Night Ultimate Werewolf and a favorite franchise of theirs, Fallout. Join us for a beer and discussion on board games, video games, and an off-tangent on fantasy football.

Please note this podcast is marked NSFW due to language and crude humor.

NSFW – Dice Checks Ep. 1 – Talisman

Audio Avatar’s second new series, Dice Checks, starts today! Join Odynus, Dan and friends as we play through various board and tabletop games for your amusement. Today’s episode is on Talisman – The Magical Quest Game by Fantasy Flight Games!

NSFW – Gamers & Growlers – Ep. 1 – Betrayal and Bioshock

Our newest show to the feed, Justin (Also known as Odynus) and Bill, one of our voice actors take to a talk show format to discuss board games, video games, and have a drink along with it. This week we talk Betrayal at House on the Hill and Bioshock while having one horrible excuse for a beer.

Please note this podcast is marked NSFW due to language and crude humor.

Lockhead Journals S1E4 – Wild Shape

Edgar Lockhead and Shen Rainbringer find themselves tracking down a lost druid in the wilds of Gorgrond. But not all is as it seems to be once this druid is found. Voice work done by Dan Bernardo, Kathleen Burns, Zane Schacht and Ray Jernigan.

The E-Team Pilot

The E-Team was a show that was intended to launch with Wildstar, an A-Team parody taking place on the planet Nexus. Unfortunately the show did not continue past the pilot, but here is the pilot for your listening pleasure! Starring Kathleen Burns as Hannah Belle, Miss Mulgra as B.A. Ruckus, Dan Bernardo as Mask Man and Odynus as Mandrake Auratree.

Seaside Scoundrels S1E1 – Pilot: Nose Ferrets

Meet Adam Carlyle and the Brooks Brothers in Seaside Scoundrels: A Deadlands Noir adventure, a supernatural adventure in an alternate version of 1920’s Atlantic City. Beware of the Noseferatu….

S1E3 – Shadow Dancing

When someone at Lunarfall Garrison is murdered without any sign of the murderer getting in or out of the building, it’s up to Edgar Lockhead to crack the case.

S1E2 – Of Moths and Men

Our detective and his partner investigate a Draenei village, supposedly destroyed by the Legion. However, not all is how it seems…

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