Audio Avatar wouldn’t be possible without the work done by our content creators and contributors. Voice actors, writers, podcasters and everyone in between all make these shows possible.

Justin “Odynus” Puik – Co-writer and co-producer of the audio dramas “Seaside Scoundrels”, “The Lockhead Journals”, and “Tombstone Tales”. Co-host on “Gamers & Growlers” and “Dice Checks”. He serves as the voice of Edgar Lockhead as well as a variety of extras as needed. Justin is also the website editor, and is finding it a bit odd to be typing in the third person in his own bio. He also runs the Odynus Gaming Channel on Youtube which features Let’s Plays and other video content.

Daniel Bernardo – Co-writer and co-producer of the audio dramas “Seaside Scoundrels”, “The Lockhead Journals”, and “Tombstone Tales”. Dan is also responsible for all the music found in every one of Audio Avatar’s podcasts. An accomplished composer and musician himself, he also voices the roles of Shen Rainbringer in The Lockhead Journals and Ganymede Du’vall in Seaside Scoundrels. Dan’s work can be found at his website here.

Ray Jernigen – Star of the audio drama “Seaside Scoundrels” and an accomplished voice actor, Ray’s vocal talents can be found across the board in all of our radio dramas.

Bill Condit – Co-host of “Gamers & Growlers” and sometimes co-op partner on the Odynus Gaming Channel. Bill tosses his hat in the ring for several extra roles in the previously mentioned audio dramas.

And of course, our shows would not be complete without the many fantastic voice actors who have contributed in the past. They are as follows:

Vito Terranova
Ryan Biczo
Brittney Johnson
Kathleen Burns
Daniel Garcia
Ryan Hochstatter
Elizabeth Knighten
Dan Quinn Angel
BreAunna Smith
“Jules” Scott
Hunts the Wind
Betty Danger
Logan T.
Zane Schacht
Gloria P.
Danielle C.
Jessica Chaos

If I have left anyone out or misspelled any of your names, please let me know and I will gladly make the necessary changes. I am grateful for anyone who takes the time to record or produce content for Audio Avatar and would not want to leave a single person out. Feel free to drop us a line at avatarodynus at gmail if you’d like to be a part of one of our shows.

Our Sound Effects are mostly sourced from, a collaborative database of Creative Commons Licensed sounds. The full list can before at this page, which includes the author, the source, and when it was downloaded for use.