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Lockhead Journals – Miniseries 1 – The Reign of Skar’lok

The Lockhead Journals is back with the first part of a Draenor miniseries! Edgar teams up with a cast of old friends and enemies to help take down the evil Skar’lok of the Shadowmoon Clan. Can they work together long enough to finish the job, or will they tear themselves apart?

Lockhead Journals S1E4 – Wild Shape

Edgar Lockhead and Shen Rainbringer find themselves tracking down a lost druid in the wilds of Gorgrond. But not all is as it seems to be once this druid is found. Voice work done by Dan Bernardo, Kathleen Burns, Zane Schacht and Ray Jernigan.

S1E3 – Shadow Dancing

When someone at Lunarfall Garrison is murdered without any sign of the murderer getting in or out of the building, it’s up to Edgar Lockhead to crack the case.

S1E2 – Of Moths and Men

Our detective and his partner investigate a Draenei village, supposedly destroyed by the Legion. However, not all is how it seems…

S1E1 – New World, New Beginning

The first episode in the relaunch of The Lockhead Journals! After thwarting the plans of Shen Rainbringer and bringing him to justice, the Iron Horde invaded Azeroth and threatened to burn Stormwind to the ground once more. Desperate for anyone to assist in the fight, Edgar Lockhead was drafted to watch over Shen as he identified artifacts for use in the fight on Draenor. Now stationed at the Lunarfall garrison, anything can happen in this new world…

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