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Seaside Scoundrels – S1E8 – A Streetcar Named Disaster

Danny Brooks has inherited himself a new car! From an uncle he doesn’t have. Is this vehicle really on the up and up? Spoilers: It’s not.

Featuring the voices of Ray Jernigan, Dan Bernardo, Vito Terranova, Ryan Biczo and Danny Garcia.

Seaside Scoundrels – S1E6 – The Grey Lady

Adam & Gene are harassed by a hitman who just won’t quit! (and won’t stop yelling his own name), while Danny finds himself a girlfriend at the pier? But nothing is ever as it seems in Atlantic City!

Seaside Scoundrels – S1E5 – Hyde 45

The Seaside Scoundrels are back in Atlantic City! With dwindling resources, Adam Carlyle takes a job investigating cheating accusations at a boxing ring but finds himself embroiled in the same conflicts that drove him out of the city to begin with. It’ll take bravado and a montage to get the crew out of this mess!


Seaside Scoundrels – S1E4 – The Royal Pines Hotel

The Brooks Brothers find themselves walking into one of the most dangerous places they could stumble upon: The hotel of Al Capone himself. Could things get any worse for the Seaside Scoundrels?

Seaside Scoundrels – S1E3 – The Curious Case of Mrs. Leeds

As Adam and his companions attempt to escape from Atlantic City, they run into some trouble and have to ask for help. Little do they know, their savior may bring them far worse trouble then they imagined.

Seaside Scoundrels – S1E2 – On the Run Again

Seaside Scoundrels returns in Episode 2 as the gang faces the consequences of their previous heroism, and find themselves in over their head with both the mob and the police.

Seaside Scoundrels S1E1 – Pilot: Nose Ferrets

Meet Adam Carlyle and the Brooks Brothers in Seaside Scoundrels: A Deadlands Noir adventure, a supernatural adventure in an alternate version of 1920’s Atlantic City. Beware of the Noseferatu….

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