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NSFW – Gamers & Growlers – Ep. 9 – Hunts the Fire and the Warcraft

Special guest Warren “Hunts the Wind” joins Bill and Justin on episode 9 of Gamers and Growlers! We talk one of Bill’s favorite board games, Flashpoint: Fire Rescue and a game near and dear to our hearts, World of Warcraft. Join us and our many tangents in what we think is our best episode yet.

NSFW – Gamers & Growlers – Ep. 8 – Gingerbread Fallout

It’s cash, guns and fallout in the newest episode of Gamers & Growlers! Justin tried to choke down a gingerbread stout that Bill loves and Dan Bernardo joins us for a rousing discussion about all that we love and hate about Fallout 4.

Seaside Scoundrels – S1E5 – Hyde 45

The Seaside Scoundrels are back in Atlantic City! With dwindling resources, Adam Carlyle takes a job investigating cheating accusations at a boxing ring but finds himself embroiled in the same conflicts that drove him out of the city to begin with. It’ll take bravado and a montage to get the crew out of this mess!


NSFW – Gamers & Growlers – Ep. 7 – Wonders & Borders

Bill & Justin return for the new year! And with it comes a return to the nastiest drinks our liquor store can provide. With talk of Seven Wonders and Borderlands, it’s a good beginning to a new year of Audio Avatar content.


Seaside Scoundrels – S1E4 – The Royal Pines Hotel

The Brooks Brothers find themselves walking into one of the most dangerous places they could stumble upon: The hotel of Al Capone himself. Could things get any worse for the Seaside Scoundrels?

NSFW – Gamers & Growlers – Ep. 6 – Pumking, King of Zombies

A delicious pumpkin brew is upon us in this Halloween episode of Gamers & Growlers! We talk all things zombies with Zombicide and Black Ops: Zombie mode!


NSFW – Gamers & Growlers – Ep. 5 – Not Your Father’s Show

The most delicious of beers is upon Justin and Bill as they talk Civilization and Settlers of Catan!


Seaside Scoundrels – S1E3 – The Curious Case of Mrs. Leeds

As Adam and his companions attempt to escape from Atlantic City, they run into some trouble and have to ask for help. Little do they know, their savior may bring them far worse trouble then they imagined.

NSFW – Dice Checks 2 – Spirit of the Century

Justin and Dan are joined by Ray and Kit in the character creation of a tabletop game called “Spirit of the Century”. Listen in on this narrative driven ruleset as the framework for their upcoming campaign is established.

This podcast is labeled NSFW for language and crude humor.


NSFW – Gamers & Growlers – Ep. 4 – The Elder Mead

Justin and Bill are joined by Dan, the composer of the channels music, to talk all things Elder Scrolls and disagree heavily on Pandemic. Add in an adventure with cheap rice wine and you have yourself an episode!

Please note this podcast is marked NSFW due to language and crude humor.

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