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Audio Avatar is a podcast feed about creators and their creations. We feature audio dramas, discussions on video games and board games, and even a few playthroughs of board games! Stick around a while and listen, and if you’ve created something we would love to hear about it.

Seaside Scoundrels – S1E8 – A Streetcar Named Disaster

Danny Brooks has inherited himself a new car! From an uncle he doesn’t have. Is this vehicle really on the up and up? Spoilers: It’s not.

Featuring the voices of Ray Jernigan, Dan Bernardo, Vito Terranova, Ryan Biczo and Danny Garcia.

Tombstone Tales – Silver Heels

A rancher returns to his home to thank the girl he’d been sweet on so many years ago. But what he finds will chill him to his bones…


Featuring the vocal talents of Brittney Johnson, Dan Bernardo and Justin Puik.

Seaside Scoundrels – S1E7 – Gravedigger

The Nosferatu are at it again! Adam finds himself in a graveyard swarming with his old enemies. Will he survive, or find himself buried alive?

Tombstone Tales – The Goatman’s Bridge

Based on the legend behind the Goatman’s Bridge in Denton, Texas, this tale of prejudice and harsh justice will send chills down your spine.


Featuring the voices of Brittney Johnston, Kit Young, Dan Bernardo, Justin Puik and Daniel Garcia.

Tombstone Tales – Last Ride of the Nightingale

Ben Durham has bought what might be his last train ticket. This young man with a guilty conscience needs out of town fast, and it just so happens the Nightingale, last train of the evening, is going just where he needs to go. But where he needs to go isn’t exactly where he wants to go. Tune in for a gripping tale of steam powered horror!

Featuring the voices of Brittney Johnston, Ray Jernigen, Justin Puik, Dan Bernardo and Alyssa Fox.

Seaside Scoundrels – Intermission – Gram Gram Brooks

It’s a tradition of ours in the middle of seasons to experiments with off the wall concepts or stories as intermission episodes, to show characters outside the normal storylines or situations. This one got away from us. Introducing the grandmother of Gen & Danny Brooks, Josephine Brooks, also known as Gram Gram. Follow her and her grandsons on their first bank robbery, told from the largely unreliable point of view of Danny.


This is your fault, Ray.

Tombstone Tales – The Taxidermist’s Tale

The Tombstone Epitaph, the only newspaper that covers what’s really going on in the wild and weird west. Intrepid reporter Alice Wortherly is here to guide us through the strange and horrifying tales of the truth that lies in the deserts and prairies. And in this introductory tale, we find one deputy who is in far over his head…

Welcome to Tombstone Tales.

A Deadlands inspired audio drama, this podcast takes elements of the weird and horrifying creatures found in the Pinnacle Entertainment tabletop roleplaying game and melds it with the short story style of Tales of the Crypt. We hope you enjoy!

Lockhead Journals – Miniseries 1 – The Reign of Skar’lok

The Lockhead Journals is back with the first part of a Draenor miniseries! Edgar teams up with a cast of old friends and enemies to help take down the evil Skar’lok of the Shadowmoon Clan. Can they work together long enough to finish the job, or will they tear themselves apart?

NSFW – Gamers & Growlers – Ep. 10 – Dungeons & Dragons!

It’s an extra special, extra long episode 10 this week as we dive into Dungeons & Dragons and Pathfinder! This topic is so big we decided to devote an entire episode to it. Join Bill, Justin and Dan as they reminisce how they began their tabletop gaming careers and all the crazy stories they’ve had since then.

Seaside Scoundrels – S1E6 – The Grey Lady

Adam & Gene are harassed by a hitman who just won’t quit! (and won’t stop yelling his own name), while Danny finds himself a girlfriend at the pier? But nothing is ever as it seems in Atlantic City!

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